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Jobs Available Now. Outreach continues. V for Victory Farm

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

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Good Friday Everyone!!!

We hope everyone is doing well today!

We wanted to reach out to you mid week with some excellent updates.

Partner Sponsors

The website has seen some recent changes. There are new Partner Sponsors now shown on this page so please support them as they support V for Victory Organization. If you are or know of a business that would like to support us please reach out via the contact page. Support comes in many forms. Right now we have the following needs:

  1. Sponsorship of the website and communications $2,030 annually

  2. Sponsorship of marketing $2,500 annually

Let us know if you want to support some or all of the Sponsorship needs to move V for Victory Organization forward into the future. We have Sponsors taking care of a lot of other needs and want to let you know where we are lacking in hopes that someone will be inspired to help with these needs.

Programs Update

Program 1 recently got an update with an online search for available jobs around the country. And these companies are looking to hire veterans! We are happy to bring this new Campaign Jobs Available Now as a support to Program 1. This feature provides an excellent resource of available jobs across The United States.

We are currently working on developing a localized Jobs Board that will keep up to date job availability in the Troutdale, Gresham, Fair View, Corbett, and other surrounding areas. One of our new Partner Sponsors is looking for part time and full time cooks. So reach out to Bandits if you are interested. Stop by and apply today!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting V for Victory Organization! Support comes in many forms including: sharing the website with friends, purchasing products, donating, sponsoring a need, volunteering time, offering space for events, and more. If you have any interest in helping us move forward please get in touch here.


The team has been meeting with locals at businesses, events, restaurants, and more. It seems everywhere we go there is a veteran to talk with and tell about what we are doing at V for Victory Organization. That is what it is about, letting others know that we are here.

There have been ongoing discussions with several farm owners about collaborating with V to develop a throwback, "Victory Gardens". During WWII the government encouraged people to garden and grow their own food. They called them community gardens then the name evolved to Victory Gardens. Well, that has been a drive for the team here since day one as gardening is a low impact way to have fun and collaborate with others. And that is just what we want to do with Program 2 Buddie Up. We want to have a farm or garden to host people who want to be a part of a working farm, learn, and help make it a success. That is all we will say now as there is a possibility of V for Victory Organization to develop a V for Victory Garden soon.

Stay tuned, as V is just getting started!!!



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