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Buddie Up

The return home for military Veterans and Their Family can be lonely. They are a part of a larger group with purpose in the military, and that loss when home can cause issues. We address opioid addiction, suicide prevention, and ptsd.

The Buddie Up Program is here to help Veterans and Their Family gain friendship with someone who can be a friend (a Buddie), so the Veteran does not begin to feel isolated or alone. 

We need Partners to make this a success, so sign up to help and we will get you in our database for when someone calls.

If you do not have time, please consider Donating to fund this Program.

Get in touch to sign up as a Buddie. 

Resources + Hotlines provided below.



If you or a loved one is suffering form PTSD and seeking help, get in touch with the PTSD Hotline . We recommend you look into these options as well.

The National Center for PTSD has information and a number of resources available



If you or someone you know is dealing with opioid addiction please review this information that contains several resources to provide help in dealing with the addiction. The National Drug Helpline is (844) 289-0879



If you or a loved one is dealing with thoughts of suicide please get in touch with Suicide Prevention Hotline. Help is available.

Dial 988 then press 1 if you are a Veteran. Chat online at, or text 838255

Brian, OR

"You don't know how much it helps to just talk with someone. I could not talk to my family about my tour, but I was able to open up to you. That helped me get it off my chest, and out of my mind. Thank you."
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