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Transition Home

V for Victory Organization is committed to helping Veterans and Their Families transition home after service.


We offer Human Services and Workforce Development Services to smooth out the change.  ​As V for Victory Organization evolves, there are going to be more resources and services. 

If you are a Veteran or Veteran family member, and want to know more, please contact us on the contact page and we will be get back in touch to talk in depth. 

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The Transition Home Program is developing Campaigns to compliment the overall Program and Purpose of V for Victory Organization.

Campaign – Workforce Development including Entrepreneurial resources and Opportunities


We recruit businesses, organizations, and corporations to offer employment opportunities to Veterans and others who are looking for work. There are a number of Veteran Benefits to Employers which our staff can detail. Employers get in touch with us today to schedule time to talk about these benefits to hiring veterans.


The business, organization, and corporations Sponsor V with a monthly contribution to support the Program 1 Campaign.


If you are entrepreneurial, we can help you get things in order to be successful. We offer resources and services to those who want to work for themselves.


We also highlight Veteran Business owners on our other webpage here.

Jobs Available Now

V for Victory Organization is working to create a local directory providing the names, locations, and positions available for Veterans and or their family member to consider in the Troutdale Oregon area. If you are business owner in the area, get in touch with us. Stay tuned for the local resource.

Here is a link to an online job search for the entire country, and they want to hire veterans!


Live in Oregon? Here are additional online job search resources.  

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