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Our Programs

The Programs are a focused way to carry out our Purpose. Donations and Purchases from Shop are used to support All Programs. Please Donate or Shop to Support today!


Thank you for your support!

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Program 1

Transition Home

As a soldier returns home from active duty, there are adjustments they have to make. These are sometimes foreseen, but not always. V for Victory Organization has developed human services and workforce development to help veterans and their families get back to life at home.

Program 2

Buddie Up

The return home for military Veterans and their families can be lonely. They are a part of a larger group with purpose in the military, and that loss when home can cause issues. 

The Buddie Up Program will help Veterans and their families gain friendship with someone who can be a friend, a Buddie.

PTSD Hotline

Suicide Prevention Hotline

We are looking for Partners, so sign up and we will get you in our database for when someone calls.

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Program 3

Healing Without Opiods

Veterans and their families have visible and non visible injuries. They do not need drugs to mask the problem or even make it worse.​ They need help! There is psychological therapy, physical and mental exercises, and alternative treatments. Cannabinoid Therapy is one of the alternatives that continues to show promise as a substitute for harmful drugs which can cause addition, disrupt or destroy a life.

V for Victory Organization has a Partner Sponsor with a GMP manufacturing operation to provide hemp derived cannabinoid based products.

Victory over anxiety.

Victory over depression.

Victory over ptsd.

Victory over physical pain.

Victory over daily stressors.

Please SUPPORT this Program with a PURCHASE to help fund overall Operations.


You Buy 2 and We Give 1!

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