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V For Victory Organization

One day a year is not enough to honor and appreciate our Veterans and Their Families, so we formed V For Victory Organization as a way to support our overall Veteran Community. 

"We Serve Those Who Served US". 

Since inception November 2021, we have made a positive impact through the following ways:

  • Website updated with information and resources

  • Answering over two hundred phone calls

  • Corresponding to more than three hundred emails

  • Deployed over one hundred and fifty Cannabinoid Therapy bottles to those in need

  • Collaborated with other Veteran organizations

  • Raised awareness through our Outreach efforts and events

  • Published blogs and podcasts to keep everyone up to date

  • Educated about PTSD and problems with opioids with Program 3

  • Fighting the Opioid Crisis

  • Reduce suicide rates with Buddie Up Program 2

  • Help Transition Home Program 1

The reality is "Everyone knows a Veteran", so we can all work to help! 

We need your help in doing more so please consider making a contribution to our Go Fund Me account here. Thank you so much for making this an important part of your daily, weekly, or monthly spending. We will make it count!!!

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Click here

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