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Healing Without Opioids

Healing from active duty or personal events can be done without use, overuse, or abuse of opioids. Opioids have proven over and over to be the wrong treatment for anxiety, depression, ptsd, and physical pain. Here are some articles for consideration.  

If you or someone you know is dealing with opioid addiction please review this information that contains several resources to provide help in dealing with the addiction. The National Drug Helpline is (844) 289-0879

Workout Lesson

Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise has proven to be very valuable in managing any of those symptoms stated above. Here are a few articles detailing how exercise helps with ptsd.

Therapy session

Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Therapy

The hemp derived Cannabinoid Therapy has shown to be beneficial to people dealing with anxiety, depression, ptsd, and physical pain better manage their stress. {This statement is from personal experiences, observations of others, and literature available in the public domain. Here is a source from gov}

Stretching Together

Balance Mind Body & Spirit

There is something to say for being in balance. Being in physical balance definitely helps get you in mental balance. Here is an excellent resource to help with 'DIY Chiropractic' work you can do without assistance.

Spine Care Decompression and Chiropractor Center

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