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Deploy The Help

155+ Deployed

The opioid crisis is severe! Our Veterans need help!

We can Fight the Opioid Crisis by providing an alternative treatment as part of Program 3 - Healing w/o Opioids

Our goal is to send out thousands of

Cannabinoid Therapy bottles monthly!

With Your Help, We Can Do This!

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Buy 1 - We Give 1 

You purchase a bottle at the $50 price (Free Shipping) and we Give Away A bottle for FREE to Veterans and Their Families that need it!

You get the benefits of the product, and know that you helped get (1) into the hands of those in need.

Contact us and we will get this order for you.

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Be A Sponsor

You may not be interested in the hemp flower derived Cannabinoid Therapy bottles to use yourself, but you want to help others.


'Be A Sponsor' by Donating $20-$100 thru our online Donation Portal and Select "Healing Without Opioids" when you make your Donation. The Funds will be directed to Giving FREE Bottles away to a Veteran or Their Family in need.

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Donate Monthly

We need your help! There are hundreds of Veterans and Their Families that need to receive help with the Cannabinoid Therapy bottles, so we need supporters to Donate regularly to get the help to those who need it. 

It is easy to become a monthly supporter of this Campaign as you select it at the Donate page shown above. Any questions, please contact us.


Healing with Hemp Campaign
Deploy The Help!

Cannabinoid Therapy bottles 0.5oz

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Veteran Mark, OR

"I woke up this morning, and didn't have the expectation of pain. This is already better than the pills". The 'this' Mark is talking about is the Cannabinoid Therapy bottles.

Veteran Kelly, AR

"I have been on pills for years, and the Cannabinoid Therapy bottles regular use helped me slowly reduce the pills. And now, I am not taking pills."

Veteran Sean, CA

"I have tried a lot of things to help me sleep, and relax from my injuries. The Cannabinoid Therapy bottles were right on time. I am sleeping again."
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