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Paul's passion for helping Veterans and Their Families started years ago when his granddad Robert, who was an Army Veteran, took him to coffee sit downs with friends hearing WWII and Vietnam War stories from the front lines. Volunteer work followed while always keeping an American Flag waiving no matter where he lived. Then in 2015 a work accident changed his life and had him in the doctor offices. That is where he met many service members and Veterans dealing with the same TBI (traumatic brain injury) he was dealing with. Over the course of weekly appointments he began to look at this challenging task as an opportunity to engage those he was meeting, and offering an ear to listen. This was the groundwork that inspired the formation of V for Victory Organization in late 2021. 

An invaluable part of the V for Victory Organization staff and leadership, Paul has witnessed the continued evolution of our Programs from that start. With extensive experience in both the non-profit and private sectors, he offers a unique skill-set that ensures undeniable impact. He comes from a long line of Veterans, and has a heart to "Serve Those Who Have Served US".

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Teresa truly enjoys helping others as shown through her extensive HR career. She is active in listening to the pressing needs, then work to create a way to make it happen. Her creative mind, skill set, and overall attitude to serve is such a value to us as we continue to grow our service to those who served US. She stays excited to see how we can increase service to the big need of the Veteran Community at large.


Words cannot describe the role that Teresa has had in ensuring that V for Victory Organization always stays on track. She has a natural way of helping, maybe from her years as HR manager taking care of employees at her job. Or maybe it is from her big family, being a mother, or her big heart. Often people will call her "Mother Teresa" as she cares so much about others, and has a heart to serve the needs of others. She continues this service with focus on helping Veterans and Their Families.

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Advisors & Volunteers & Partners

With us since our founding, Volunteer Team members, Advisors, and our Partners have played a critical role in all ways. They bring their years of experience and skills in helping V for Victory Organization make a measurable impact.

"Everyone Knows A Veteran" is a phrase Paul is known to say as it is so true. There are over 24 million veterans in the US. Only about nine million are connected to services and resources that they need. WE can change that.

We need more people and businesses to partner with us as we have identified big needs, and now with your support, can respond. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can Serve With Us

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