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Entrepreneur and Small Business Fair. As part of Transition Home Program Workforce Development Campaign

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Good day Brothers and Sisters in the Veteran Community! Hope all you Veterans and Veteran Family Members are doing well today.

As part of our Program 1 Transition Home Workforce Development Campaign, we would like to offer this information regarding an event coming up in June. When you open the link above, stroll to the lower half of the page to see what we have to offer as well.

Entrepreneur and Small Business Fair

As you read in the flyer, the event is June 21, 2024 at Mt Hood Community College. To access information and register here is a link to assist.

We plan on attending to gather information and network as it seems to be an excellent opportunity for those interested, or already in business for themselves.

Share This Information

It is always important to share this information with your entire network as "Everyone Knows A Veteran".

Do you want to join us in our volunteer work? Contact us today and lets discuss how you can help. Thanks to all the supporters that continue to support the efforts of us "Serving Those Who Served US".

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10. Mai
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Cool! I will check this out as my nephew is interested in starting his own business. And he is a Navy Veteran. Thank you for all you do! We are sharing!

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10. Mai
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Thank you for this event notification. We will spread the word!

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