Program 1 - Transition Home

V for Victory has connected with proven organizations that products and services to Veterans for assistance in. These services include but are not limited to: transportation to doctor appointments and others, housing assistance, clothing, homewares & home goods, and job development. ​

V for Victory Organization evolves there are going to be more opportunities to help in the transition phase of a veteran to help get them on solid ground back in civilian life. 

Email or call us to find out how you can help veterans. 

If you are a veteran and want to know more, please contact us on contact page and we will be get back in touch and schedule time to talk. 



The Transition Home Program is developing Campaigns to compliment the overall Program and Purpose of V.

Campaign – Workforce Development including Entrepreneurial resources and Opportunities


V recruits businesses, organizations, and corporations to offer employment opportunities to veterans and others who need a job.


The business, organization, and corporations develop internal options to bring on V referred persons to their work team. And offer employment that may become a career.


The business, organization, and corporations Sponsor V with a monthly contribution to support and demonstrate interest in the Program Campaign.


V for Victory Organization is working to create a directory providing the names, locations, and positions available for veterans to consider. This could be a free tool to offer veterans and others when they contact V.