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Healing With Hemp Campaign Deployment Update

An option in Fighting Opioid Crisis

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

Fighting Opioid Crisis | Combating Suicides | Helping Transition Home

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Good day Brothers & Sisters,

Hope everyone is doing well today.

We wanted to provide some updates on how we are Fighting Opioid Crisis, and how you can support this effort as so much more needs to be done.

How we Fight Opioid Crisis

The Fighting Opioid Crisis button is shown at the top of our website, as it is a main focus for us as we have seen how opioid use, abuse, and misuse has been a major challenge for many Veterans and Their Families. We have a dedicated webpage that details more, and what we are doing about it.

Deploy The Help

We have a great partner business who has expert experience and infrastructure in the licensed hemp industry. They developed a special formulation to offer as alternative to opioids. The formula is from a single source, extract derived from hemp flower, compliant to federal guidelines, manufactured at a GMP facility, has minor and major cannabinoids, full terpenes, and is only mixed with organic coconut oil.

We deploy this to Veterans and Their Families to help and since the start of the organization have deployed more than 155 bottles. This has been achieved by support from you! And those who support this organization with Donations. This can be an individual, a business, or an enterprise company.

Support This Campaign

The Healing With Hemp Campaign is a way that we focus effort in deploying help in Fighting Opioid Crisis. We need your help! For every $20 raised, 1 bottle gets deployed. And if you want to support on regular basis with a $50 per month donation that is easy to do through our online Donation option here. As you see you can chose how you want to support.

Thank you for all who support this campaign, and this organization!



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Nov 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

👏🏽 Thank you ALL for helping Our Veterans and Their Families 📜🇺🇸

Replying to

You are welcome! We are serving those who served US!!!

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