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Happy Veterans Day to ALL Veterans & Their Family Members! Thankful for 2022!

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

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Good day everyone!

We hope this finds everyone doing well and you are having a good day.


To ALL the military Veterans and Their Families!!!

We know it is not Veterans Day on the calendar, but that does not matter as we celebrate Veterans Day EVERYDAY here at V for Victory Organization!

On the calendar Veterans Day, we met with Veterans and their families at several different venues to talk and say how THANKFUL we are to them for their service to Our Country, Our Constitution, Our Declaration of Independence, and Our Bill of Rights. Thank you to any Veterans and Their Families reading this as all veterans play a part in defending Our Liberty.

We encourage everyone to act like Veterans Day each day to say "Thank You" to veterans and their families. It doesn't cost a thing.

2022 Year In Review

The inaugural 2022 year with V for Victory Organization has been a success! The BOD, Officers, Advisors, Volunteers, Partner Sponsors, and Donors have made a positive impact in the lives of veterans and their family members in a number of ways. You do not get to "see" much of the work or results as we do not post pictures of individuals out of respect for those served. We want to honor those who served, not ask for selfies or pictures. I am sure you can understand. Do know, that work has been done in many areas to help with focus on Purpose and Programs.


1) Website has continued to expanded to include more resources and information

2) Programs have gained Partner Sponsors and even Legacy Partner Sponsors (this really help us plan, execute, and deploy without questions)

3) Community Outreach has begun to reach more with Partner Sponsors placement of marketing banner at high traffic area

4) Programs are being deployed

5) Outreach + Opportunity Campaign is in beta phase now with our first participant. Get in tough if you would like to promote V for Victory Organization and potentially make passive income.


1) Connected with approximately four hundred individuals

2) Served over three hundred veterans and organizations in varied ways in line with Purpose & Programs

3) Answered around forty calls from Veterans and Their Families with Program 1 and Program 2

4) Met with twelve Veterans and Family members for Program 2 Buddie Up

5) Deployed over two hundred bottles with Program 3 Cannabinoid Therapy

6) Attended several events to promote organization

7) Passed out close to one thousand organization cards to the public

* We have V for Victory Organization cards to provide to those who wish to promote in their area. Get in touch and we will send those cards to you to pass out.

As you see, there has been a lot achieved in this first year. And we know there is a need to do even more, so please engage with V for Victory Organization in a way that you are comfortable as "many hands make light work". And that is never been more true now as you see what we have done with a small group of dedicated individuals, so imagine what we can do with you being involved!!!

Goal for 2023

The main goal for 2023 is Outreach!!! We need more Partner Sponsors and Donors to offset the costs incurred to Operate. Those costs include: internet, phone service, printing, shipping, products, banners, flyers, and office space. We have identified an office space potential that can allow us to become a member of the local community in a physical way and this would help draw more to find out what we are doing. So, if you have a business and can help Sponsor any of these areas, please get in touch and we can provide the details. "The more we can do, the more we will serve".

In closing, think about how much has been done with a few. And now consider joining us to do a whole lot more!!!

Remember, this is the first year. And V is just getting started!!!

Have a good 1



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