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CBD as a cure-all? The impacts...of prescription cannabidiol (CBD) on opioid prescriptions

First published: 26 October 2023

V for Victory Organization

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Recent study reports that access to cannabidiol does help reduce the use of opioids. This is major as we have known from personal observation, and now to have scientific research to prove is significant.

Fighting Opioid Crisis

A main focus of ours is to fight the opioid crisis that is causing serious issues with our Veterans and Their Families. We deploy hemp flower derived extract with our legacy partner Cannabinoid Therapy bottles as an alternative treatment option. Please check out our dedicated page to learn more.

If you are interested in purchasing these bottles to help support this organization please visit our page here to find out how to order, and what positive impact that has. For each bottle purchased we give one away to a Veteran in need. A true #360WIN !!!

Abstract of the report

The article is available to read in depth here. We will offer an abstract below for your review.

{We investigate the impacts of state legalization of products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive alternative to marijuana, on opioid prescribing rates. Research suggests that legalized medical marijuana may reduce opioid prescriptions, though no empirical link between CBD and opioids has been ascertained. Using county-level prescribing rates between 2010 and 2019, as well as state-level morphine milligram equivalent (MME) consumption of 8 common opioids, we estimate that state adoption of limited access cannabis product (CBD) laws leads to no change in opioid prescribing rates. Using supply-side access measures for access to CBD through legal and open dispensaries, we find that the ability to purchase CBD legally leads to 6.6% to 8.1% fewer opioid prescriptions at pre-legalization means, which suggests that access to CBD products is essential when evaluating the impacts of legalization; synthetic control model estimates suggest that legal and open dispensaries reduce opioid prescribing rates by nearly 3.5% 2 years post-legalization. We also find that mandating CBD be purchased with an ID or through a patient registry offsets most potential benefits of CBD legalization. Our results provide the first empirical evidence that: (i) state legalization of prescription CBD alone does not reduce opioid usage; (ii) regulations limiting purchasing, such as ID laws, negate nearly all of the benefits of demand-side legalization; and (iii) supply-side access, either via interstate purchasing or legal and open dispensaries, are vital in using pain-management substances to fully combat the opioid epidemic.}



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Jan 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I am ordering some today! It is less expensive than others and helps this cause, so I am willing to try. If it works I'll be a monthy supporter!

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Thank you so much for supporting this organization!!!


Dec 08, 2023
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Wow! This is such important information as I know it helps, and now to have research to back it up. I will share this to help others know you guys Cannabinoid Therapy bottles help!!! Keep it up!!!

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Thank you for the encouraging words!!!

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