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U.S. Department of Labor Announces $12M funding opportunity to help deliver employment supports, reduce Veterans' Homelessness

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As we continue to provide information, resources, and news to our Veteran Community we wanted to make sure the grant funding to help support Veteran employment to reduce homelessness was known. Below is the full article with all links from original article.

Grant Funding Available

U.S. Department of Labor Announces $12M funding opportunity to help deliver employment supports, reduce Veterans' Homelessness

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a $12 million funding opportunity for organizations to provide training and employment services to help veterans combat homelessness.

Administered by the department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program awards seek to reduce homelessness among veterans by assisting them in overcoming obstacles to reenter the workforce successfully.

The HVRP grants will provide each awardee a maximum of $600,000 annually for up to three years, for a total of $1.8 million. They will help deliver occupational skills training, support participation in Registered Apprenticeship programs or other on-the-job training opportunities, and supply employment placement assistance.

This initiative aligns with the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to reduce homelessness among U.S. military veterans and the public at-large through collaboration between the department and other federal stakeholders, including the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care Program, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Homeless Programs Office.

Nonprofit and for-profit organizations, faith-based groups, Native American tribal governments, state and local workforce development boards, state and local government agencies and higher education institutions – including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions – are eligible to apply for the grant.

VETS will offer two sessions of a prospective applicant webinar to provide specific information on this funding opportunity and answer questions about the application process:

The grant application for this funding opportunity will be open until March 11, 2024.

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Feb 02
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Excellent information


Feb 02
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Thank you for providing this information. Amd all you do for the Veteran Community 👍🏽

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