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Treat your body good. DIY with a chiropractic

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

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Good day!

Hope everyone is having a good week and happy to see the signs of Spring. I know we are!

Community Outreach

Since our last blog post we have been focused on community outreach. The goal was to get out and talk to people in the local community as well as businesses. We have been promoting the Organization in our local area while introducing V for Victory to individuals and businesses. This will continue into the future. Let us know how we can support your promotions of V in your local area.


You have likely noticed the evolution of the website. There will be much more published as we continue to pursue V Purpose. One area we really want to encourage as part of all Programs is personal physical health. We know eating fresh food is good for us, daily exercise is important, and staying active is critical for maintaining mobility. "Body Balance" is key as well. The idea is to keep your joints, muscles, and tendons in balance throughout your body. When we have stress or have injuries, it is natural for us to get "out of balance". This can be challenging if you don't know the techniques or can not get to a professional appointment. To help out, we want to offer an excellent DIY (Do It Yourself) chiropractor a few of us have used to learn how to take care of our own posture and "Body Balance" at home without the need of a second person. The chiropractor is Spine Care Decompression and Chiropractor Center . Let us know what you think about this as we are considering providing a link on our website. Your feedback is appreciated.

We will have some updates from our sponsored effort with VMC (Veterans Miracle Center) next week, looking forward to share that with you. Thank you to everyone who has purchased Good4ya Products , Donated , and shared V for Victory Organization with others as our Community is growing.

Stay tuned for more coming soon, as V is just getting started!!!

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30 sie 2023
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Have to say i wasn't sure if it would work, but I tried a couple of the exercises detailed in a video about hip problems and I feel better! Thank tou for posting this resource! And the many other resources as well! I am sharing g with my entire network as "everyone knows a vet" You can tell I listen to the podcast too 😉

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