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Short week. Lots done. And We Continue...

V for Victory - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

Good day Everyone! Hope you are having a good day today, and you have claimed VICTORY over this week!

We shared some disappointment last week and will continue to be transparent as we owe those who offer their time and talents the truth even in challenging times. So many of you are passionate about V Purpose, and it showed this past week as many of you reached out in calls, emails, texts, and over social media to say "keep positive" and "the race is just beginning". We are so THANKFUL for those kind words of encouragement.

Our group is building into a community!

This week has been a solid week. Here are some of the highlights.

- V continues to grow our Partner Sponsors and opportunities to Support (email us and we can provide details)

- V took five calls this week from Veterans for Program 2 Buddie Up

- V Legacy Partner 4E sent out five bottles this week to veterans in need with Program 3.

- Officers are working to get one Retail Sponsor Kit + Refill Campaigns launched at one of the organizations V supports VMC . Stay tuned for more next week. This is part of Program 1 and Program 3.

- Resources have been compiled, and now website expansion for the Programs is beginning stay tuned

- Discussions are occurring with many local businesses to Sponsor V Programs and specific needs. Keep up to date to see who they are. Please reach out if you know anyone we should contact.

- V for Victory is preparing to go out into the community for Outreach as many events are starting to take shape. Email us if there is something we should be a part of and we will review.

- Work is being done to move forward with IRS Charitable Organization filing.

There is lots more happening that we will update when it gets closer. Know, things are starting to take shape more and more each day.

V is already fulfilling its Purpose by serving veterans and organizations that serve veterans. Much more is going to be happening soon, please help us recruit more. Share this with as many as you can so they know V for Victory Organization is here.

Please take some time for yourself and relax this weekend. This world tries to get us to move at one hundred miles an hour when all we need to do is enjoy life. It is that simple!!! "Don't sweat the small stuff because it is all small stuff."

Keep building with us!

V is just getting started!



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