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Purpose is being pursued. Programs are succeeding! Feedback from Veterans

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

Good Friday Everyone!!!

Hope you are doing excellent today, and you had a good week.

Lots to share today!

First, we want to THANK everyone who have shared V for Victory Organization with others as our email list is growing. Please keep it up as we don't have a marketing or advertising budget (yet) and rely on organic word of mouth and email sharing.


Officers had an initial meeting with a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Director to discuss partnership in connection with Program 1 Campaign Workforce Development. We are going to stay in touch over the next couple of weeks to consider how the partnership can work. SBDC just had a pilot program specifically for veterans this week "Veterans Small Business Boost" to which we are working to get that content up on our website or available offline to those interested. Please reach out if you would like to know more. This is a good example of some of the resources we will be archiving to make available on and off line.

Program 2 Buddie Up is starting to take shape. We have been contacted as well as reached out to many veterans over the last month to check in on them, and let them know we are here for them. Officers are continuing to work on the overall Program to make it streamlined when a veteran calls in seeking help. As you see on our website, we do now have two emergency phone lines for help so please share those with those in need. Conversations have begun with communications companies to explore ways to create a easy way for those in need as well as volunteers. If anyone has expertise on this or ideas please email us.

Over the last couple weeks we have began deploying Program 3 bottles to veterans in need. And feedback is starting to come back. One veteran we sent two bottles to in San Diego, Shawn, said "Your bottles really came through! I'm already in the second bottle. I'm doing a lot better. Thank you again." Enough said. I'm getting a little teary just writing this as it really touches my heart that WE have come together to help others in need, and it is helping!!! A countertop display and many bottles were sent to Veterans Miracle Center in NY, and we should have feedback from Barry and Team next week to share. "The First 100" have been deployed and need to get more. Thank you to everyone who is participating and helping! Names will be given soon. We need sponsors to help so please get in touch or click link above in "DONATE YOUR SUPPORT" or here to Donate.

The Programs page has evolved into pages. Now, we have dedicated pages for each Program in addition to general Programs page. The individual Program pages will allow us to create more content and resources specific to that Program and have available on the page. Neo Media Group recommended this and are working to get things in place. These pages will continue to expand so stay tuned.

There are specific areas we need Sponsorship, and thank you for considering. The current needs are: restock 100+ bottles for Program 3, shipping costs of sending out resources, and cover of organization merchandising store through Shopify. Please email us if you are interested in Sponsoring any of these areas. Contact us link is down at the bottom of this page.


V for Victory Organization first Legacy Partner, 4E Enterprises LLC, has expanded the product offerings specific to support V. Now, they offer two products lines that they are calling "Good4ya Products - Good for You and the Environment Around You". These are USA made products, natural, and very helpful in multiple ways. Here is a link to view those. 4E is big on privacy, so they have an easy way to view the products, and then you email them your interest, they confirm and obtain your shipping information, then email or text you an invoice to pay. Real easy and safe! And you will love the products they have. The (0.6 oz) Medical Strength Hand Cleanser is so superior to the alcohol based hand sanitizer, and it makes my hands feel soft not beat up. Please go shop and purchase as proceeds Support V for Victory Organization. And share with ALL your friends, family, coworkers, and network. They can supply individuals and businesses fyi!

That is going to be all we share today. Much more in the works, stay tuned!

V for Victory is just getting started!!!



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