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Progress, IRS Filing, and needs of Sponsors to help

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day

Good day everyone!!! Hope this Wednesday is going well with you all. We have slowed our Blog posts to monthly for now, as there is so much going on and we know you have a lot to keep up with, so we are trying to summarize a months worth of activities into this blog post. Let us now if like this or like the weekly as we provided initially. We want to keep you up to date, but don't want to be one one of those that sends out too much. Let us know what you think.


Since the last blog post we have been busy at it! We have continued to provide support to veterans in a number of ways. Those include:

  1. Calls and or meet ups with six veterans in varied capacities

  2. Community Outreach with local talks and posting of information brochures in businesses as well as another successful Outreach event in Troutdale

  3. Provided twelve bottles from Program 3 for veterans who needed it as they suffer from PTSD

  4. Discussions are taking place with a local 33 acre farm to collab with Programs as well as meeting location

  5. Legacy Partner has continued to contribute as people are liking the "Good4ya Products"

IRS Filing

Officers and BOD have spent hours reviewing the IRS 1023 Form in preparation of filing. There are a number of updates that are in process to organizational documents to give V for Victory Organization the best potential to be approved as a Charitable Organization with the IRS. Once filed and approved, this will help the Organization develop more funding potentials to meet the needs of those V serves. We thank our advisor Joanne for all the resources she has provided in preparing for the filing. Stay tuned as we will keep everyone posted when the filing has been submitted.

Sponsors to help

When V for Victory Organization went from conception to reality there was already a tremendous need identified. This was because of the volunteer work of Officers and others that showed the local, state, and national need. Then, when V connected with the organizations in the space, it was obvious that the needs outweighed the resourced by a factor of one hundred plus. And that has not changed during this time over the last two years. And now, V for Victory Organization is working to try and meet the demand with some support. That is why we need Sponsors to help us get the resources to those in need. The Donate option is linked above and we want to ask you not to donate but to share this request with your network. That is a big help to V as getting more familiar with what we are doing the better as our volunteers who offer their time, money, and energy are unable to spread the word quick enough SO we need you to help! The power is in numbers, so help spread this info and request far and wide to as many as you can. We thank you for the help!!!

When you don't see us posting or emailing, know that we are doing our best to offer help to as many as we can.

And stay tuned, as V is just getting started!!!



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