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Program 3 deployed to VMC in Albany NY. And other updates

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

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Good day Everyone,

Hope you are having a good week, a good day, and VICTORY!!! Each day we have to celebrate the victories and learn from the battles.


We are excited to share the image in caption as the Cannabinoid Therapy bottles have been deployed as mentioned in previous blog post to Veterans Miracle Center (VMC) in Albany NY. It is an honor to share this proof V for Victory supporting other veteran based non profits as an overall service to veterans. The VMC is a retail store that veterans come in and shop for items they need, and walk out without having to pay. This model has been very helpful to the local veterans and V for Victory has added to the options thanks to our Legacy Partner 4E Enterprises providing the Cannabinoid Therapy bottles and countertop display. If you are a business and would like to resell these bottles, please get in touch with us and we will make it happen. We can do this with the 'Retail Partner Kit + Refill Campaign' where you purchase the bottles in bulk with a countertop display, proceeds of your purchase support V for Victory Organization, then you resell the bottles to your customers. Get in touch with us and we can get you the details to run with this opportunity as it is 360WIN!!!

Here is a link to our page that has some information and links

In addition to the deployment of items to VMC, Program 3 now has excellent resources regarding exercise and DIY chiropractic as many told us the link in previous blog was helpful so we created a link on our website and here is link to that page


We are continuing outreach as often as we can in the local community and on social media. Let us know if you have ways to increase our outreach as we are working on getting the word out about V for Victory Organization in order for us to do more for more. The Spring season has given us the idea to get some branded shirts to wear at public events and we are working on the designs to have printed now. When we get those done, we will share in case you want one for yourself in helping promote.

Thank you to the BOD, Officers, Advisors, volunteers, and Partners as we are growing. And remember, V is just getting started!

*Know our Donation is secure as it is processed thru Paypal. Please share this information and support us with a donation or a purchase of products from Legacy Partner 4E Enterprises.

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Aug 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

👏🏽 Good job on deploying help where the need is and can be the most affective 👍🏽 We will definitely support V for Victory Organization 👊🏽

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