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Official Launch is close! We need you!

Good day Everyone!

Hope your Holiday Season and Christmas were filled with joy. We celebrated a Merry Christmas with so much Thankfulness in our hearts.

The Team has continued to work on V for Victory Organizational development in preparation of official launch in January 2022. The Officers continue to meet on Wednesdays and are making great strides in getting ready to serve. There are a number of businesses and individuals who are already interested in Supporting V's Purpose long term, and we welcome more to contact us.

We want to ask everyone reading this to start telling others about V for Victory Organization and sharing our website. We will continue to improve the readability of the website and the communications of the organization to keep you involved in what V is doing!

Thank you to Teresa, Stacie, John, Brad, Jon, Jo Anne, and Paul for their ongoing support, volunteerism, donations, and help! And we give thanks to the others, who are an unnamed army throughout the US growing daily, getting ready to work with V to achieve what one can not. Remember, at V for Victory Organization, EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

We look forward to the 2022 New Year and welcome all to join us in this exciting journey with Purpose.

Best wishes to you all. May GOD bless you and may you be a blessing.




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