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ODVA Seeks Diverse Veteran Candidates to Fill Current and Future Positions on Veterans Advisory Committee.

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ODVA Seeks Diverse Veteran Candidates to Fill Current and Future Positions on Veterans Advisory Committee.

The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs is seeking interested veterans to fill current and future vacancies on the Veterans Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee was established in 1945 at the agency’s founding and holds a distinct and fundamental role in advocating for veteran issues, sharing insight on veteran concerns and advising the director of ODVA. The committee is composed of nine military veterans appointed to four-year terms by the Governor.

The Governor is committed to ensuring that all Boards and Commissions represent diverse Oregonians by age, race, ethnicity, gender, and LGBTQIA+ status. To ensure a broad and diverse pool of candidates to consider for appointment, ODVA is seeking applications from interested members of the veteran community from both rural and urban areas, across diverse backgrounds and eras of service.

The quarterly advisory committee’s meetings are held virtually and in-person throughout the state on the first Wednesday in March, June, September and December.

Interested veterans from all branches of the U.S. Armed Services are encouraged to apply. The application process can be reviewed and accessed at the Governor’s Boards and Commissions webpage:

Follow the application instructions for “External – New Applicants” and be sure to include a resume, a short personal biography that includes your military service and other veteran community activities you have or are currently involved in, and fully answer the supplemental questions. Only complete applications will be considered.

ORS 406.210 also states that the executive committees of congressionally chartered veterans’ organizations that maintain an Oregon state headquarters may submit a list of up to three veterans to be considered for Advisory Committee openings to the ODVA Director’s Office at Important: All nominees must still apply through the normal application process by the application deadline.

Applications or nominations for the Advisory Committee must be submitted to the Governor’s Executive Appointments office no later than March 29, 2024. Questions about this recruitment process may be directed to ODVA at

More information about ODVA’s Veteran Advisory Committee can be found online at

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Excellent information! We will be sharing with those we know who can apply. Keep it up!

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