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Much complete. More to do...

Good day everyone! Hope you all are doing well today!

We have been working hard to get things ready to go, and we continue to get closer to official launch.

Let me give you some updates.

1) Oregon filing completed

2) Organization documents close to complete including bylaws

3) IRS course completion of five of twelve courses by Officer

4) Discussions continue with organizations that we will collaborate for Services and support

5) Discussions are taking place with large companies about Transition Home Program Campaign Workforce Development

6) Organization now has Articles of Incorporation and an EIN#

7) A bank account has been established for the organization

There are several other things going on but I will save those to share for the future.

Thank you to all who have reached out to us as we are just getting started!!!

Keep watching the website as improvements are on their way! And email us to get on our email list now.

Have a great rest of your day! Talk soon.



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