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Happy New Year! Look what V can do!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2022 be a year of service to those in need!

V for Victory = EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

Good day everyone. As we get ready for launch we are still finishing up some development aspects of the website as well as creating databases so we can easily provide information and help as quick as possible when requested.

Please get in touch with us if you are talented and can offer some skills to V as we are looking to recruit to add to the depth of our initial Team.

Updates on Programs Development:

Program 1 - Transition Home

- We have began refining the process flow of how this will work in correlation with organizations V supports and individuals

- Campaigns have been identified: Workforce Development with Entrepreneur 101

- Thank you to Paul and Teresa for their continued work, dedication, and networking

Program 2 - Buddie Up

- Initial planning and outline has been complete

- Now recruiting multimedia and communications entities to get it in place

Program 3 - Healing Without Opioids

- Initial planning has been complete

- Countertop Displays have been designed and getting ready for print

- Initial 100 Bottles are being donated by Octo Consulting, thank you Jon and team at Octo

- Labels are close to complete, thank you Stacie and team at Dynamic Design

- The V Shop is being set up so you can purchase for yourself

- You can opt to Sponsor Veterans in need directly by your purchase

- We can email you directly to be a monthly Sponsor so simply email us here with your interest

The Team is working to get a simply process created on V website and thru email or text where you can SUPPORT the V for Victory Purpose and Work!!! We already have the need identified with over forty thousand veterans within the V network, so WE JUST NEED YOUR HELP. JOIN US!!!



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