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Good Friday! Closing out a good week!

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!


Good Friday Everyone!!! I hope you have enjoyed today thus far, and had a good week. Keep focused on the successes! Challenges are always going to be, so make them opportunities to succeed! Teresa is always reminding me of this and it is an affective way of dealing with things. It motivates you to get beyond the challenge and be victorious! Or like we like to say, "VICTORY"!

This week has been a solid week with V for Victory. Let me provide a short list summary so you can see what we have been doing.

  • Program 3 has a completed countertop display now for the Retail Partner Kit + Refill Campaign

  • Officers made contact with two entities to help with Program 2 Buddie Up

  • Advisor posted a on linkedin about V or Victory Organization

  • Officers met with two companies that are considering using V for Victory staff for some services they need

  • Two Veterans were sent Program 3 Care Packages. We will keep you up to date on how these progress

  • Officers are talking with several businesses about Sponsorships and Partnerships

  • V for Victory has been invited to an event in PN mid summer in collaboration with others

  • Several volunteers have helped connect V to several good potentials for the future

  • Three calls were received this week for help. V is responding now!

These are the highlights of this week. We are Happy that the organizational development aspect is getting close to finished and we can focus on the Purpose Programs & People.

Thank you to EVERYONE who continues to support V for Victory Organization.

V is just beginning!!!



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