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V for Victory Organization Outreach. And more updates

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day


Good day everyone! VICTORY is going to be yours today! This is a powerful positive way to start each day, so make it a habit.

The volunteer team continues to get out into the local area so others know about V for Victory Organization. Here are some details of what V has been up to since the last blog post.

As summer starts taking shape, there are opportunities to attend public events, festivals, farmers markets, and other social gatherings so the decision was made to have shirts made with organizational details to wear at the events. Three shirts were design, ordered, and arrived. The shirts have already been used as they were worn at the First Friday Art Walk event in Troutdale Oregon June 3. They were a big hit with others and a few people asked where they could purchase one. This has the team working further on getting merchandise available to purchase as a fundraiser for the organization. In addition to the shirts worn, V volunteers passed out organizational cards to the public and businesses in attendance. It was a fun event to get out and mingle with others. Let us know if you are interested in joining us for the next months First Friday as there is sure to be more with the weather improving.

As part of Outreach, volunteers are contacting local businesses to identify ways to collaborate. We are proud to say this has already yielded a Sponsorship with BIG 5 Sporting Goods toward V for Victory Organization Fundraising efforts. After discussions with BIG 5 Sporting Goods, V received 500 Discount coupons to offer V Supporters. The coupons get discounts on purchases from BIG 5 more than the purchase amount. Proceeds go to V for Victory Organization so get in touch today and purchase some for you, your kids, your school team, and others.

In summary, V for Victory Organization now offers three ways to SUPPORT the Organization.

1) Donate

Thank you for your support!

And thank you to all who have helped thus far!

V, is just getting started!



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