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October Fundraiser! Come have fun!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

October 27th Costume Party & Raffle at Bandits in Troutdale

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

Fighting Opioid Crisis | Combating Suicides | Helping Transition Home

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Good Day Everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well today! We encourage you to practice being thankful for ALL you have going in life. There may a lot missing, or getting older, still be THANKFUL!

Fundraiser & Costume Party

We are happy to post about the fundraiser happening at Bandits Restaurant in Troutdale Oregon October 27th 2023. This is a 21+ invent. And get dressed up in your favorite costume if you would like as this is a costume party.

The owner of Bandits are conducting a raffle with some great prizes, so make sure to contribute to that as it is a fundraiser for this organization. We are so Thankful for the owners of Bandits Jamie and Rob as they have been great partners to this organization. And each time we are down at Bandits we seem to meet a new Veteran.

If you will not be able to attend please consider donating to help this organization continue as we have a lot planned for 2024 as a lot of need has been identified and we need support from you and businesses to make it happen. As you will see on the Donate page, there are many options to customize your donation to where you want it used. Get in touch if you would like to contribute a gift card from your business or want to know more about the event.

Until next time,

Have a good 1



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