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V for Victory Organization serving those who served US

(image taken from Outreach in collab with VFW Post 180)

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

Fighting Opioid Crisis | Combating Suicides | Helping Transition Home

Donate Your Support Here & Shop n Support Here

Outreach to the Community

Good day Brothers and Sisters,

We hope you are doing well today, and wanted to share a few updates from our last Blog post. Make sure to read our Blog as it is how we keep you up to date on what is going on.

Share. Support. Stay Involved.

We are working to support as many Veterans and Their Families as we can. We need your help in making as big of an impact as possible.

Please Share V for Victory Organization website with others as "Everyone knows a veteran".

Support this organization by Donating, Shopping, and Joining Our Mailing List.

Thank you to our volunteers, advisors, officers, and board of directors.

Stay tuned, as V for Victory Organization is just getting started!



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