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Daily walks. The First Friday events. All part of Community Outreach

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

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Good day Brothers and Sisters,

We hope this find you doing well today!

First Friday Art Walk

We will be out at the First Friday event in Troutdale this afternoon meeting people and sharing what we are doing here at V for Victory Organization. We have posted on our events section the dates of these ongoing Community Outreach events. You can see those on the homepage under Events. Please let us know if you plan on being there so we can say Hello!

"Walk With Us"

We started a Community Outreach of walking around downtown Troutdale during lunch. This has led to meeting a number of people and business owners in the community. Please join us for your health, and for someone to talk with as you walk.

Share with others in Your network

Please share this blog with your network so others can know what we are doing as everyone knows a veteran!

The Victory Garden podcast

The podcast has started and is getting great reviews. We discuss several topics there and continue to find excellent content to cover relevant to our Purpose and Programs. Listen and let us know what you think as we need your help getting out to others.

Thank you to ALL who support this nonprofit!

Stay tuned, as V for Victory Organization is just getting started!!!

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12 jun 2023
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We missed you this month, but plan to see you next month! Thanks for what you are doing!

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