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Launch is close!

Good day everyone!!! I hope you are doing well today!!!

Progress is definitely being made with organization development. The Article of Incorporation is being reviewed by organizers, next will be Bylaws, and then they well get final review by legal. Then they will be filed! And we will be officially launching!!!

You may have seen our website go live. It is live, still lots of editing to complete, so stay tuned!

We established an email with a trusted service provider at protonmail. They use encrypted system so this helps keep spam out and protects all communications we have with anyone who contacts us.

We have a social media account established with instagram, username is VforVictoryOrganization. Please follow us and help share with your network. We will begin posting there shortly. We will be developing a facebook account and possibly a group soon, as well as an channel to post some of the interviews we do. We are getting our podcast started, at least pre production. And so much more. I can hardly wait to share this with you all!!!

Please reach out to us as we would love to see who is ready this.

Until next time. Have a great day!




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