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Honor Wall has launched! Honor Our Veterans And Their Families All Year Round!

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

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November is not the only time to Honor Our Veterans And Their Families. It's EVERYDAY!

Good day Everyone!

The season is changing to fall and winter, depending on where you live! And the month of November is right around the calendar corner.

Honor Veterans EVERYDAY

As we mentioned not too long ago, we have decided to Honor Our Veterans with a dedicated page on our website titled "Honor Wall". The Honor Wall is a place we Honor Our Veterans that have paid the ultimate price during their service as well as Honor Our Veterans that are still with us.

Submit Your Info & Others

The response has been great thus far as a number of Veterans and Their Families have reached out to us with images and brief bios to Honor Those Who Have Served.

Please keep them coming as we have space available on our dedicated webpage. And when it fills up we will create more space. Our goal is to Honor hundreds and thousands here as we know the price, and want to Honor ALL Veterans on the Honor Wall.

It is important to us to also Honor The Families of the Veterans so do not hesitate to submit Families that have been a part of Serving as we consider the sacrifices Families make as well. Get in touch with us today.



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08 de nov. de 2023
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Thank you for honoring our brothers & sisters! I will be spreading the word so expect some veterans to get in touch!

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Thank you for sharing as "Everyone knows a Veteran".

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