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Good Friday Everyone. Here is the week in review

V for Victory Organization - EVERYDAY is Veterans Day!!!

Hope everyone is doing well today.

There are so many things happening, we want to use this weekly blog to keep you up to date so WE stay on the same page.

This week has been a week of getting resource documents furthered, networking with local businesses, and expanding ways others can support what V is doing.

Resource Documents Furthered:

Program 1 Transition Home focuses on helping active duty service members (as well as stateside veterans) get acclimated to civilian life. This is done with services provided by V and Partner Organizations. The services include: drive to doctors appointments, pick up prescriptions, grocery shopping, and other needs.

The Workforce Development Campaign supports the Program 1 by providing resources to veterans pertaining to work, career, and entrepreneurship. The Officers at V have years of business experience so they have been creating an offline database of documents to help Veterans achieve Victory over not knowing their next move outside of military duty. This is critical to help keep focused on the future and not the past. The resource database continues to grow and now Officers are working to get that in a shareable format to easily share with those who wish to use.

Local Networking with Businesses:

Officers have began to canvas the local area for businesses who have a desire to help V achieve it's Purpose. There are many good businesses in the local area so the list is growing. Once we get the marketing documents created, contact will be made to solicit support from many of the local businesses as V's focus begins locally and expands from there. If anyone is interested in helping create solid marketing documents for print and digitally, please email us so we can contact you as our specialty is not creating appealing marketing documents. But we bet someone out there is and ready to help.

Expanding Ways to Support V:

We have known since before filing that nonprofit organizations have challenges when you only rely on donations. Since V for Victory Organization is young, many prioritize their giving toward something they have be familiar with longer than V. The BOD and Officers have tried to create partnerships with businesses that can provide a multi-level benefit to receive something for the support.

The Program 3 has an option to purchase a Cannabinoid Therapy bottle and proceeds go to V. This is a WIN WIN as the supporter gets a bottle and proceeds from the purchase support V for Victory. This can be set up to reoccurring so it happens every week, every month, and support continues throughout the year plus the supporter gets something that help them.

Now, V has received another similar offer with nontoxic cleaning and disinfecting products. These products are for individuals and businesses, so everyone can benefit. We will be providing more details over the next week, stay tuned. If you are interested please email us and we can provide more information. We are excited about this option and look forward to sharing.

The goal of the BOD and Officers is to have V for Victory not be dependent only on donations or grant money. There is a need to create an alternative revenue stream so this can sustain V beyond donations. And this was planned, now beginning to take shape.


Regarding Donations, we want to help clarify a point that has been asked a couple of times by supporters. Can I donate online without having a PayPal account? The answer is yes! When you click on the Donate button on V website, you immediately have a window open to PayPal. There are two options offered, "Donate with Paypal" and "Donate with Debit or Credit Card". This second option is simple and allows a supporter to Donate with their debit or credit card without having a Paypal account. First, enter the amount you wish to donate, then select "Donate with Debit or Credit Card" then fill out your information. And if you want to do this regularly, you have the choice to select "Make this a monthly donation" where your card on file will be billed each month and you don't have to do anything except know your Support is going to help others! If you want to Sponsor a specific area of V, you can write a note with your donation as that option is available.

We look forward to growing this community!!! The need is already identified, and now V is working to help!!! Join us today in helping those who have given so much!!!

Stay tuned. V is just getting started!!!

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