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"Everyone knows a Veteran".

Updated: Jan 11

That is why it is important to share the information and resources with all your contacts.

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

Fighting Opioid Crisis | Combating Suicides | Helping Transition Home

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Good day to you all, we hope everyone is doing well today. And keeping the mind of the glass is always half full, or completely full. The power of the mind is clear when we allow it to heal and feel good.

Moving Forward

We hope you all are staying up to date on the website, and all the resources and information we provide there. It is of no good unless it reaches who needs it, so we continue to ask you to share our website with all your network. There is sure to be a Veteran in the group, and that is who we need to get the information to. As well as there family members as many of our volunteers are family members of Veterans and cherish the information as it helps.

Share Support Share

We need your help in sharing with your contacts in your cell phone, emails, social, at work & everywhere else.

If you have interest in supporting this organization financially, there are a number of ways to do so detailed in the Support Us page as well as within the Fighting Opioids Crisis page on our website. We are working to get our store launched with some cool branded shirt and hoodies to wear as it will help with overall Community Outreach.

Once you have gotten familiar with our website, we ask that you share your feedback in the comments here within our blog posts as there is room there to comment. We also welcome emails as your feedback is important as we appreciate when you share what you think, what you are passionate to help with, and your ideas of how we / you can do more for the Veteran Community. Our email is .

Thank you to ALL of you who have a passion for helping like we do!

WE can do alot together!


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Jan 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We are a family of Veterans, and really appreciate what V For Victory Organization is doing! We keep up on your blogs, podcast, and website as you have some excellent information, resources, and an obvious love for us jar heads lol.

We will be sharing with everyone we know!!!

Replying to

Thank you so much for serving US!

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