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EVERYDAY is Veterans Day! Here at V For Victory Organization.

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

How about Veterans Month?

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

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Good day brothers & sisters! We hope you are doing well today!

As we approach the single day that appreciates our Veterans, we want to encourage all of you to think more about Veterans Day, as we need to make it a month at least. Actually, it needs to be daily!

EVERYDAY is Veterans Day

You all know that we decided one day a year was/is not enough to celebrate our Veterans, and Their Families. That is why we organized V For Victory Organization. We ask you pledge to making Veterans Day every day from this point forward.


"Everyone knows a Veteran" is a statement that was made during a meeting last year, and it has stuck, as it is the truth. We all know Veterans and can be a positive influence in their lives.

We ask that you join us and continue to reach out to the Veterans and Their Families on a regular basis. As a large community, we can work together to reach our goals in serving those who have served US.

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Celebrate on November 11. Say Hi and Thank You to a Veteran. And Their Family!



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