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Days of Progress adding up

Good day to everyone! I hope everyone is doing well today!

We have been busy at work getting things ready for launch.

Over the last two weeks we have continued to make progress toward V for Victory Organization official launch!!! And we are so excited about what is taking shape!

Let me tell you what we have been working on.

The V for Victory Organization website is continuing to get revised and improved. We have Spanish version available so more can be involved as we know that military veterans speak English but maybe their family member does not so we made the V website bilingual.

We have furthered our research of charitable organizations filing with the IRS. Peterson has completed several courses thru IRS to make sure we keep up on requirements and have a clearer understanding of how to keep compliant once federal filing is done. We are confident V for Victory Organization will help lessen the burden on government thru the purpose, programs, and operations.

It is important that V have solid Partner Sponsors so we have spent days working on a relationship model that will attract, satisfy, and retain Partner Sponsors that partner with V. And let me tell you the options are mutually beneficial.

The initial set up of V for Victory Organization is getting close to completion so stay tuned as once these are filed, WE ARE READY TO GO!!!

Until next time. Have a great day!



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