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Assistance filing VA Claims and Separation Benefits now available on our website

Program 1 - Transition Home webpage . Link below

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

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Good day Veteran Community! We hope all of you reading this blog are doing well today, and are already claiming VICTORY :)

As continued work continues to provide valuable information and resources on our website, we are happy to say that we have a new resource available now.

Filing VA Claims and Separation Benefits

We now offer a link direct to the VFW National Veterans Service (NVS) that consists of a nationwide network of VFW Accredited Service Officers and Pre-Discharge Representatives who are experts in navigating VA processes and the key to your success.

This is part of our Program 1 - Transition Home webpage and is available when you click here.

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"Everyone Knows A Veteran" so it is critical that you share this information with your network via your cell phone, texts, emails, social media posts, and other ways so the information gets to those who need it.

All the individuals and businesses that want to support the work of this volunteer ran charitable organization to help us deploy more click here to make a 100% tax deductible donation. THANK YOU to all of you who Share and Support this charitable organization as WE "Serve Those Who Have Served US" and claim EVERYDAY IS VETERANS DAY!!!




Thanks for all you do for our Veteran Community! I am sharing this with others.



Good to know as I know several Veterans who talk about the difficulty in filing, so I will point them to V For Victory Organization Program 1 - Transition Home webpage. Thank you for all you do for the Veteran Community! I am member of a Veteran Family!

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