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Already in 2023

V for Victory Organization

- EVERYDAY is Veterans Day -

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Good Friday to everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well today and having VICTORY!

Celebrate each and every day as the victories in life are worth celebrating, and remembering.

I want to share a story about a man that was determined to ride his own Harley Davidson motorcycle. He had been a fan of the brand for years, since he was young. As he got older, and graduated high school he enlisted in the army. He served Our Country for eight years, and then got back into civilian life. During his service, he was injured and had problems walking. He didn't forget about his dream of owning his own Harley. So, he found the model, the color, the seat, and the accessories he wanted on his dream motorcycle. Him and his wife created a budget that became his goal. The amount was over twenty-three thousand dollars. He took his small pickup truck out every day and collected aluminum cans. People in the community saw him doing this, and word spread throughout the community of what he was doing. As time went on he would wake up at his house to find bags of aluminum cans neatly stacked up outside his house, and even already placed in his pickup truck. He never asked for help, but it came! The price of aluminum cans at recyclers went up and it came down. No matter, the man continued to go out daily and collect as he knew he was working toward a singular goal. After more than five years of commitment, he had enough money to buy his dream. He didn't need financing as he had cash to purchase the Harley Davidson of his dreams outright. It was his!

I share this real life story of a man who set a goal for himself, committed to it, and completed it while at the same time inspiring a community to reach for their dreams.

Us volunteers here at V for Victory Organization have a dream to help hundreds, thousands, of veterans and their families live a quality life. And each day we continue to pursue that goal.

We have not been in touch since November as we have been working on several development areas, including launch of a new website. Let us know what you think of it, what you would like to see added, and any positive feedback you have. There are more pages to be developed, such as: honor wall, sponsor partners, and podcast. So, stay tuned. If you have someone that you would like honored please email us . We will be posting those soon. We want to have as many as possibly so do not hesitate to reach out.

The budget for 2023 has been established and we need help. Please consider donating or shopping as both help V for Victory Organization with overall operations.

Sponsor needs of Organization:

1) Internet and Phone monthly cost - this is how we communicate and administer the website, interact with others, and are there with our Programs

2) Website annual cost - this is the face of the organization, providing information and resources, contact us, and community

3) Marketing - brochures, banners, cards, and more

*Please get in touch and find out how to support these needs.

We have developed a balanced way to support V for Victory Organization. For every two bottles of Cannabinoid Therapy purchased, one is given away to a veteran or their family. You can help that easy, and get the benefit of using yourself. The cleaning products offered by our Legacy Partners is incredible, safe, odorless, all natural, and no alcohol or bleach. Please consider purchasing for you, your home, your business, and more. The donate options are more robust and easy to become a monthly supporter. Can you afford $20 a month to make a difference in a veteran and their families life? Maybe you have a business and can afford more. There are options on our DONATE that allow you to choose to be a monthly supporter as well as what Program you want to support. We have created a way that you can help in more specific ways. There is a scheduled event for March that we are working to pull together. This will be a Community Outreach in the local Troutdale area. Please sign up now. Share with others all we are doing!

It has been an honor to do what we have thus far. Stay tuned, V for Victory Organization is just getting started!



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